Unbiased Advice For Changing Times

Having worked for a number of different firms over the years, I eventually learned that one of the biggest impediments to client success was the biased nature of the advice they were being given. At Back In The Black, I offer no proprietary or favored products to sell, no custodial relationships to adhere to, and no quotas to meet each month. Rather, I am able to freely offer my advice, objectively assess the nature of each portfolio both in isolation, and as part of a holistic plan, depending on the need, and can tailor an effective strategy to suit client desires. Conflicts of interest are rife in this industry, and costs are still far too high for the services being rendered, in many cases. Charging clients for services provided, is fair, transparent, and shows a conviction in one's competence, rather than in one's ability to sell. I am not a salesman, and never will be. I am a financial advisor and wealth planner. Down to brass tacks: I charge $250 for the typical hourly consultation, and $150 for the initial half hour introductory meeting. It's really that simple and straight-forward.